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Our mission

We're creating new economic opportunities for creators 💪

We believe that the future of work is going to see more people constructing a career that they really enjoy around who they are online — and creators are the first wave.

If you’re excited for this future and want to help us get there sooner, please get in touch!

What we do 📷

Beacons is the vertical SaaS platform for creators! We give creators all the tools they need to run a smarter creator business in a single platform. Our tools help creators on the brand deal side - including media kits, invoicing, AI brand deal outreach, income dashboard, and early pay - and on the audience side - including store, email marketing, audience manager, link shortener, and link in bio.

Link in bio is just the beginning for Beacons and for creators. We provide a whole, integrated suite of easy to use tools made for creators. With Beacons, creators turn their followers into true fans, get brand deals, and optimize their business.

Beacons tools are powered by the Beacons Cortex, the creator intelligence data layer we’ve built to provide smarter recommendations to help creators learn faster.

We're excited to tackle the rapidly growing, $200 billion creator economy market. There's a huge opportunity to help creators build the businesses of tomorrow, and we're well positioned to build the defining solution.

We raised a $6m seed round led by a16z and with participation from Li Jin, Naval Ravikant, The Chainsmokers, Night Media, and a bunch of other great investors — see the TechCrunch article here or our own blog post.

Go here to check out our current product and see some creators who are using it.

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Open Roles

Head of Finance 💰

Social Media Coordinator🤳🏽(Part-time)

Who we are 👥